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People will often downplay their value in order to not be seen as the bragging type, but sometimes, you just have to tell people about the great things you find in life. Likewise, at Pristine House Cleaning In Windham ME, we are here to tell you that we are the best, and we are sure of it. We take great care and pride in our work and do everything possible to ensure that we give every one of our customers the best service from start to finish. The easiest way for you to find out just how great we are for your home is by picking up the phone and booking one of our services today!

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House Cleaning Service Maine

Benefits Of Our House Cleaning In Windham ME

Something that most of us never have enough of is time, and what’s frustrating is that when we do have free time, part of that time is guaranteed to be spent doing household chores such as cleaning. Well, imagine how much time you’d save if you didn’t have to do the cleaning yourself. With our thorough house cleaning services at Pristine House Cleaning In Windham ME, you don’t have to imagine as we make it a reality for you. Our recurring cleaning, deep cleaning, and specialty cleaning services ensure your home is spotless so you can put your feet up, relax, and enjoy your time off with the ones you love care free.

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Our Awesome Services

Keeping Your Home Pristine Clean

Recurring cleaning
Our recurring service is perfect for everyone! Families with kids, couples with pets, or even busy singletons who can't seem to find enough time to clean on a regular basis due to the time away at work and other aspects of life. Everyone can benefit from recurring house cleaning, and it's the best way to take some of the stress out of your life. Our team will work with you on the best time to schedule your cleaning routine, the best part is, you don’t even need to be home!
Deep cleaning
Are you ready for a good “spring cleaning” for your home but can't bring yourself to begin? Or maybe due to the hectic nature of life, the time has slipped away and you've been neglecting your cleaning for a longer than usual amount of time. Whatever the reason, we all know that dreaded feeling of needing to deep clean and not having the energy or motivation to start. Our deep house cleaning will put your home in order and give you the results you desire.
Move-In/Out Cleaning
This service is great for both tenants and landlords. As a tenant, it's easy to be so overwhelmed with packing and moving that it's not always possible to have time to clean the house thoroughly, and receiving your deposit back is always an important factor throughout this process. As a landlord, tenants don't always leave a home spotlessly clean and ready for your new tenant, so hiring a professional house cleaning company like ours is greatly beneficial!

Why Choose Our House Cleaning In Windham ME

For an affordable, reliable, and quite literally life-changing service, there is no one better to call than our team at Pristine House Cleaning In Windham ME. We can’t take every stress from your life but we can take the stress and worry of having to clean your home from your life. Our services enable you to have mountains more of free time, less back-breaking housework, and give you peace of mind as you come home from a long day at work to a pristinely cleaned house. Don’t get bogged down with more workloads, and give yourself more free time to be spending with your family and doing the things you enjoy most.

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What your neighbors say

House Cleaning In Windham ME

I just had Pristine Cleaning clean my house here and I was very, very satisfied. They did a terrific house cleaning job! Very thorough and very customer service friendly! I highly recommend them and will be continuing to have PCC monthly going forward! Thumbs up!

Chris Lind

House Cleaning In Windham ME

We moved from New York to Maine 2 years ago and have been seeking house cleaning services. We have repeatedly been disappointed. Pristine did a great job, came on time and are very easy to work with. Very responsive. Highly recommend to anyone who needs House cleaning.

Connie Beck

House Cleaning In Windham ME

Could not be more pleased with the outstanding house cleaning of my home in Maine by Pristine Cleaning Company. The team of three wonderful young women left my house sparkling!!! Will definitely be using them again..!!!!! I would highly recommend Prestine Cleaning Co.

Karen Ciaramicoli

House cleaning made easy

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We don't like to hang around and keep people waiting, we understand how incredibly frustrating it is when companies take several days to get back with a quote. With Pristine Cleaning, you can get an instant quote for any of our services right here on our website.

Set Your Schedule

At Pristine House Cleaning In Windham ME, we'll always work around your schedule to ensure the whole process is as easy-going and convenient for you as possible. Give us a call and our friendly team will be able to set up a one-time cleaning or routine schedule that's best for you.

Enjoy A Pristine Home

With our professional and thorough house cleaning services, you can enjoy a pristine home every day without the worry or stress of having to find the time to do the work yourself. Relax, have more time for yourself and your family, and say goodbye to long cleaning lists.

House Cleaning FAQ

The goods news is no, you don’t have to be home during the home cleaning service. However, if you would prefer to be then certainly it’s no problem for us! We give the option so you don’t need to worry about being there if your schedule is busy! This is one of the best things about our cleaning service, so you can come home from work to a sparkling clean home, put your feet up and relax after a hard day, instead of depleting your energy even further with having to clean. Our team is reliable and trustworthy, as our loyal and regular customers can attest to, you don’t need to ever worry about us being in your home when you’re not there!

Yes, absolutely, we are fully licensed and insured to carry out all the home cleaning services we offer. Hiring a company that is not licensed and insured carries a great risk for you. After all, who will be left potentially facing liability if a worker has an accident on your property? That’s right, you. You should only ever hire a licensed and Insured company to do any work at your home. Don’t be tempted by the cheaper prices of uninsured companies, the risk involved is absolutely not worth it; it’s far better to pay a few dollars more and have the peace of mind.

The answer to this question will largely depend on you and your own personal situation. Of course, our deeps cleaning, and move in/move out cleaning are usually one-off services that are there for particular occasions. However, our recurring cleaning frequency will be up to you. For example, if you have a larger home, and or a family that include kids and even pets, your home will need cleaning more often than a couple without children in a smaller property. You know your needs and wants better than anyone when it comes to house cleaning, so it’s up to your own preferences.

Our house cleaning prices are based on the size of the job and, of course, the type of service that is completed. For example, one-off cleans will be cheaper than recurring cleans, small houses will be cheaper than larger houses, and so on. However, you can rest assured that with us, you will always get the best price, as we offer only competitive prices and great value for all of our clients. Contact us today in order to get a personalized quote for the work you would like done and see for yourself how affordable our services truly are.

**Still have more questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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