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Are you fed up with pulling up to your home and seeing areas of the exterior that are covered in algae, moss, or other types of residues that are leaving your home looking bleak and dull? Well, with Pristine House Washing in Portland ME, you can finally come home each day to a sparkling new exterior as we wash away every inch of dirt and staining. Our soft washing methods along with our eco-friendly detergents are the most swift, effective, and safe solution to cleaning up your home. Don’t get stuck with an unprofessional, unreliable, or untrustworthy company, instead choose the best one in the area, namely us. We are a reputable company that has carried out house washing on an uncountable number of homes leaving every customer more than satisfied. Get in touch with us today and let us transform your home like never before.

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House washing is an impossible job to do manually; a combination of the size of a home, and the tough stains or algae that can’t be scrubbed by hand, mean that many people have to leave their home’s exterior looking dull and the discoloration becomes worse. However, thanks to soft washing, your home can sparkle as it used to and you will be left with the cleanest house on the block. At Pristine House Washing in Portland ME, our professional team of power washers will remove every remnant of staining, algae, or other residues, and transform your home into a gleaming new property. You won’t believe how effective power washing can be for your home, and in a relatively short amount of time, all the discoloration and dullness will be stripped from your home, leaving you will an exterior that shines in the sun, with absolutely no work on your part.

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Vinyl Siding Washing
Keep the vinyl siding of your home looking its best all year round with our vinyl siding house washing. We will rid your siding of every inch of algae, every stain, and every mark that is making it lose its appeal. Keep on top of the cleaning and maintenance easily with us.
Brick House Washing
Brick houses need to be cleaned just as other materials do, don't make the mistake of leaving moss and mold to accumulate on the brick thinking it is harmless. Over time, these residues can weaken the brick and any brick that surrounds it and you'll be left with a large repair bill.
Wood House Washing
Wood can easily get ruined if gunk and residues are left to build up so you want to make sure that you are having your home power washed regularly if you have wood siding. Our low-pressure soft washing service is the ideal solution and will leave your house immaculate.

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House Washing in Portland ME

Pristine Cleaning did an amazing job and for a very reasonable price. After talking with the owner of Maine Solar Solutions and confirming that cleaning my rooftop solar panels was good idea, I gave him the go-ahead to clean them. The difference was obvious even before the sun came out, and their production has increased. I can not recommend Tyler and Pristine Cleaning enough!

Patt Bothel

House Washing Portland ME

If you are looking for house washing in the area, Tyler and Pristine Cleaning Co are great! They are really easy to communicate with and they are willing to work with you to figure out the best cleaning solutions for your needs. The team at Pristine Cleaning does an amazing job! I would definitely recommend giving them a call for your home!

Julie W

House Washing in Portland ME

I had a chance to work House Washing with them yesterday.. they are hard workers, very professional & just great people in general, loved the opportunity to sub contract a large job with Pristine Cleaning Co, Tyler fascinates me on his eagerness to grow his company by all the knowledge he can get to better himself and his team!! Great company & I highly recommend Pristine Cleaning Co. cleaning services.

Gina Pouliot

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We don't like to hang around and keep people waiting, we understand how incredibly frustrating it is when companies take several days to get back with a quote. With Pristine Cleaning, you can get an instant quote for any of our services right here on our website.

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At Pristine house cleaning in Portland ME, we'll always work around your schedule to ensure the whole process is as easy-going and convenient for you as possible. Give us a call and our friendly team will be able to set up a one-time cleaning or routine schedule that's best for you.

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With our professional and thorough house cleaning services, you can enjoy a pristine home every day without the worry or stress of having to find the time to do the work yourself. Relax, have more time for yourself and your family, and say goodbye to long cleaning lists.

House Washing FAQ

Absolutely not. It is entirely possible for someone to do the job incorrectly and cause damage to your property. However, as long as a professional like us is in charge of the job, pressure washing is actually highly beneficial for your home. Regular pressure washing can keep your home looking nice all year round and help with the maintenance of your home’s exterior meaning the material will stay intact for a long time.

We wash your home using a low-pressure power wash, this is also called soft washing. A soft washing service is required when cleaning homes because the material on your home’s exterior could be damaged if a full power wash setting was used. Soft washing cleans perfectly without causing damage, and we ensure that the cleaning detergents we use are also extremely friendly to your home and will not cause damage.

The general recommendation for house washing is about once a year, this is via a professional house washing service who can do the job thoroughly. However, this is just a guide and you may find that you need it done more frequently depending on your location.

**Still have more questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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