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Tyler is the founder of Pristine Cleaning. He has a natural drive to innovate and make people happy and he’s the ultimate outdoor enthusiast – Tyler loves hiking , snowboarding, golfing, and traveling.


Riss is a foodie and cat lover. She also loves snowboarding and the Patriots.


Trish is a very positive person who loves people and communication.
She is a hard worker and gives her best to any situation. Loves her family and friends.


Liz is an animal & a nature lover that enjoys traveling, cooking plant based food, and playing outside with her dog.


Bree loves makeup and fashion, and will never turn down a chance to go thrift shopping! Her favorite things to do at home are cooking and cuddling with her dog, Raven.


Abby is currently in college, studying to become a Nurse. In her free time, she loves rowing and her dog!


Izzy is in college studying to be an X-ray Technician. She loves exploring the outdoors kayaking and hiking!


Matt enjoys spending time outdoors and with his friends and family. His hobbies include boating and his side by side.


Amber is currently studying Marine Biology at SMCC. Her favorite pastimes are coloring and making music. She loves to travel and is always down for a snack.


Sam is a musician who has a natural fondness of cleaning and likes to make Japanese food on the weekends.


Marissa studies Graphic Design and Holistic & Integrative Health for her love of visual art and spirituality, and she enjoys binge watching Netflix with her dog, Cooper.

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