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The process of taking care of a home is a time-consuming and overwhelming practice that few homeowners actually have the time to accomplish. Instead of spending your precious time cleaning your house and learning how to use a pressure washer, you should trust a professional company like Pristine Exterior Cleaning. Our technicians have the experience and skills to complete the job with no risks and achieve flawless results. We won’t finish the service until you are fully satisfied with the results. Our Portland ME pressure washing will restore the beauty of your home and increase its value.

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Benefits Of Choosing Our Portland ME Pressure Washing

Our technicians are well-trained in the most effective ways of removing dirt, grime, stains, mold, mildew, and the right way to approach different surfaces. Instead of buying equipment and learning how to use it, you should trust a professional company like us. We only work with commercial-grade equipment that you won’t find at a local store, and our technicians are experts on how to use the pressure washer correctly. We will be able to complete the job in less than half the time that it would take you and save you money in the long run.

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Keeping Your Home Pristine Clean

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Window Cleaning
Your windows have a significant impact on your home’s appearance and help you enjoy natural sunlight. The dirt and grime can accumulate on your windows screens and window tracks, negatively affecting your house's curb appeal and creating a poor indoor air quality that may be harmful to your loved ones. We perform the best techniques to clean your windows safely no matter what, even if your property is three-stories-high. We avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your windows, and we only work with detergents that are safe for your family and pets. You can enjoy a clean view from your windows every day thanks to our window cleaning service.
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House Washing
Your house is an important place to you, not to mention a huge investment, and we can help you preserve it. Our pressure washing services have a wide range of benefits and uses on your property. It can be used to prime the surfaces before painting or while refinishing your surfaces. Pressure washing can also create a healthier environment for your family and increase your home’s value for a potential sale. We will remove all unwanted substances and stains, leaving each surface that we service shiny and looking brand new. You can trust in us to give your property all the attention to detail and care it deserves.
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Power Washing
Pressure washing is a fast and cost-effective way to clean your property. We adjust the pressure settings depending on the surface that we will be cleaning and always use gentle detergents that are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and safe for your family and pets. Our pressure washing service allows us to clean both the exterior face of your home and the outdoor spaces. We are able to safely clean your roofs, pavers, siding, fence, garage, driveway, entryway, deck, and much more. We will ensure that every inch of your house is cleaned correctly and make sure we remove all the unwanted substances from your home.

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Our customer satisfaction is our priority, and we want to make sure to create a pleasant a comfortable experience for each of our clients. We offer flexible schedules and work off-business hours in order to find a convenient date and time to perform our service. Even if you have a busy routine, we will make it easy for you to schedule a service.

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We take care of everything for you and make the process of cleaning your house as easy as possible. Gone are the stress-filled days where you have to worry about the results of a serviced job. After you have requested a quote and scheduled an appointment, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy how we take care of your house and the results we achieve.

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