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Your windows allow you to receive the natural sunlight and enjoy the beautiful views, they also make your house look more beautiful and increase the energy efficiency of your home. These are more than enough reasons to hire professional recurring cleaning and maintenance to your windows. Your windows frequently get exposed to air pollution, rain, dust, and snow. The dirt can build up and cause damage to your window on a long term basis and reduce its lifespan, leading you to pay for early replacements. You shouldn’t overlook window cleaning, it is a crucial service that will make your house look more attractive and save you money in the long-term but you can’t trust leaving the job to just anyone, you should hire a professional cleaning company like ours who know the right techniques and use the correct products for your type of windows, trust our service and protect your biggest investment.

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Cleaning the windows by yourself may seem like an easy task and cheaper than hiring a company, but have you ever thought about the risks regarding cleaning windows in high stories? The risk of injury due to falling off the ladder is too high, you also need to gather the right tools and cleaning solutions for your window type and you need to use the right technique to ensure you leave a flawless finish without any signs of residue or hard water stains. Why spend your valuable precious time cleaning your windows when you can leave it all to the professionals? Our staff has the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to leave your windows crystal clear. Don’t worry about anything, just sit back and watch us transform your home as it becomes more appealing with sparkling clean windows.

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Glass Cleaning
We work with the highest-quality products in the window cleaning industry to remove any dirt and dust buildup. We don't leave any streaks and provide long-lasting results. The sun will enter more effectively in your house, which is going to improve the energy efficiency of your house and improve the air quality by getting rid of air pollution and allergens.
Screen cleaning
Screen cleaning is important to protect the wellbeing of your loved ones and prevent any respiratory complications due to poor air quality. Dirty window screens also reduce their lifespan and don’t allow you to enjoy the beautiful views. What's the point of having windows if they won't serve their purpose? Our screen cleaning is the best choice!
Track Cleaning
Window tracks can quickly accumulate dirt, dust, debris, and even mold if you don't clean them regularly. This buildup can prevent the windows from shutting properly. Homeowners frequently neglect this part of the window because it is tricky to clean it but professional window cleaning experts like ours know exactly how to handle this complicated area.

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Window Cleaning in Portland ME

Tyler and the Pristine House Cleaning crew have done Window Cleaning wonders for our brewery. Our windows are cleaner than they have ever been, and the detailed cleaning they did in our taproom has been huge. Tyler is very responsive, honest, and gets the window cleaning job done well! We look forward to working with Pristine House Cleaning in the months to come!

Bissell Brothers

Window Cleaning Portland ME

We hired Pristine House Cleaning. to clean our windows and power wash our house, decks, shed, and fence. Pristine House Cleaning did an outstanding job. The house has never looked better. I’m so glad we decided to go with Pristine House Cleaning for our Window Cleaning. We’ll definitely be hiring them again next year I would highly recommend Pristine House Cleaning to anyone.

Marita Leach

Window Cleaning in Portland ME

We got PCC offering window cleaning. Left a message to ask a couple of questions and Tyler was quick to respond. They're at our home and did a fantastic job! Very pleased and will be calling them again to set up a regular schedule. Prices were very reasonable. I would definitely recommend PPC to anyone looking for a professional window cleaning service.

Judy Desmueles

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We don't like to hang around and keep people waiting, we understand how incredibly frustrating it is when companies take several days to get back with a quote. With Pristine House Cleaning, you can get an instant quote for any of our services right here on our website.

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At Pristine house cleaning in Portland ME, we'll always work around your schedule to ensure the whole process is as easy-going and convenient for you as possible. Give us a call and our friendly team will be able to set up a one-time cleaning or routine schedule that's best for you.

Enjoy A Pristine Home

With our professional and thorough house cleaning services, you can enjoy a pristine home every day without the worry or stress of having to find the time to do the work yourself. Relax, have more time for yourself and your family, and say goodbye to long cleaning lists.

Window Cleaning FAQ

We clean your windows safely with the highest-quality products and the correct techniques to leave zero residue or streaks. Whether you have a first or second-story window, contact us and we will clean it. It doesn’t matter if your windows are too dirty or if there is a presence of mold, we will clean them and let looking brand new.

Don’t rent equipment or climb a ladder exposing yourself to the risk of falling by cleaning your windows in the second-story, we safely clean your windows up to three stories high. Our staff is insured and wears protective equipment so you don’t have to worry about dealing with future legal issues.

We recommend that you clean your windows at least every 6 months to ensure they stay in great condition and clean all year round. However, if you’d like clean windows all year round, we can work on a window cleaning maintenance schedule with you to meet your needs.

Our prices for window cleaning services depend on how many windows you own and the condition of each one. If you would like to get a personalized quote contact us with some details regarding the service you require and we will respond quickly with your free quote.

**Still have more questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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